Falafel or felafel (, ; Arabic: فلافل‎, [faˈlaːfɪl] ( listen), dialectal: [fæˈlæːfel]) is a deep-fried ball, doughnut or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food that originated in Egypt. It is commonly served in a pita, which acts as a pocket, or wrapped in a flatbread known as taboon; "falafel" also frequently refers to a wrapped sandwich that is prepared in this way. The falafel balls are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and drizzled with tahini-based sauces. Falafel balls may also be eaten alone as a snack or served as part of a meze (assortment of appetizers). Falafel is a common food eaten in the Middle East. The fritters are now found around the world as a replacement for meat and a form of street food.

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Falafel Teller
Falafel Teller

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