Kuchen (German pronunciation: [ˈkuːxən] ( listen)), the German word for cake, is used in other languages as the name for several different types of savory or sweet desserts, pastries, and gateaux. Most Kuchen have eggs and flour as common ingredients while also, but not always, including some form of sweetener and/or fat. In Germany it is a common tradition to invite friends over to one's house or to a cafe between noon and evening to drink coffee and eat Kuchen ("Kaffee und Kuchen"). The term itself may cover as many distinct desserts as its English counterpart "cake". However, the word "cake" covers both Kuchen and Torte, sometimes confused with one another. The key difference being that a Torte is a Kuchen that is decorated or layered with cream, frosting, ganache, or fruit based filling after baking. A Kuchen is typically less decorative or fancy in nature. Examples of a Torte made from a base Kuchen include the Jewish Palacsinken Torte and Mohn Torte (or Kindli).

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Kuchen „Singrüns“

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